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This topic starts June 6, 2010 and  will contain a chapter by chapter look at the Biblical book “The Acts of the Apostles.”  While I will be offering my insights and questions to consider, it is my hope that there will be discussion between all of us.

Please note that I won’t necessarily reply to your comments daily, in part due to the other responsibilities of my job as pastor, and in part because it may take me time to research an answer. I don’t claim to be an expert on this topic, just a Lutheran pastor who has done some research and is sharing my own thoughts. I relish your questions, insights, and comments on this topic.

If you wish to converse with me on topics other than this Bible Study please post under the Talk to Me category.

I reserve the right to edit or delete any posts that do not match the goals of this category – that is the study of the Biblical book – Acts of the Apostles. I also reserve the right to edit or delete any posts that I deem to be inappropriate, vulgar, or abusive.




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Hello world!

Okay, so I’m totally new at this.  My plan is to have a Bible Study blog on the Acts of the Apostles.  Stay tuned for reading list and discussion questions hopefully starting June 1, 2010

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